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The First Post.

Over the years, my mother has developed a metaphysical question—one that is highly compact, and yet highly unpackable:


"Why do you believe what you believe?"


This simple, yet surprisingly complex question is important for several reasons. For one, my mother asks it, and she's quite an important person—believe me! For another, it is going to be one of the biggest questions we try to answer throughout the progression of this blog. Why do we believe what we believe? I don't know how you stumbled upon this post. Perhaps someone shared it with you. Perhaps you happened to fall asleep on your keyboard and your nose and ears mysteriously slapped out the perfect combination of letters to get you to this site. Or maybe, just maybe, you are trying to answer a question, one that has bugged you for a long, long time. The goal of ACP, as of this moment, is to be a voice that speaks on behalf of what we, the traditionalists of the Church, believe and why. It is not enough to be tolerated at this point, we have a desire to be understood. At the moment there is just one contributor—me, but I hope that as others feel the desire to be understood, more voices will seek to be heard. I know what I believe, and I think I know why. This blog will be a continuation of thoughts and ideas, opinions and questions. It will address ancient things and modern things, but it will stay firm to what the ancient Church teaches and believes. It is the only way to be sure we are remaining orthodox in our philosophical pursuit of the great question. I certainly hope you enjoy reading this blog, and that you will comment and let me know what you agree with and disagree with. May you be blessed this day †

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti L.C. Getz, Head Editor

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